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Sprains & Strains
We specialize in the spine & neck, and can help treat injuries to other areas of the body.

Sprains & Strains occur to any joint in the body. The tissues affected are the muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules.

The most common sprains & strains treatments in Family Care Chiropractic are to the Neck & Back as a result of car accidents, work injuries, and sports.
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We also treat Sprains & Strains injuries to the:
 •  shoulder
 •  elbow
 •  wrist
 •  hip
 •  knee and
 •  ankles

Most patients of Family Care Chiropractic are unaware that we work on those joints with great success.
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Steve H.
At Family Care Chiropractic, you can feel better and relax.
- Steve H
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Sadei D.
We know and appreciate that the Family Care staff is nice & comforting.
- Sadei D
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Aldo M.
Since I have been coming to Family Care Chiropractic, my health has improved in many ways.
- Aldo M
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Cynthia C.
At Family Care Chiropractic, they helped me fix my neck and shoulder problems.
- Cynthia C
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