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Spine Align Table
The unit is primarily designed for treatment of the musculoskeletal area of the human back.

The Spine Align table is designed to utilize controlled rhythmic pressure through the action of three rotating rollers that revolve around a shaft 24 times per minute, either in a fixed position or in a longitudinal excursion motion. The tension is adjusted by changing the height of the rollers, and it may b e tangentially conducted by selction of clockwise or counterclockwise motion of the rollers. Spine Align Table image
The Spine Align can be also used as a general pupose examination table. The spinalign treatment has been found to be very beneficial prior to manual adjustment or manipulation. Some doctors find that the roller action aids in relaxing to muscles, stimulating the nerves and in general easing the patient, giving him a feeling of comfort and relief.

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Steve H.
At Family Care Chiropractic, you can feel better and relax.
- Steve H
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Aldo M.
Since I have been coming to Family Care Chiropractic, my health has improved in many ways.
- Aldo M
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Cynthia C.
At Family Care Chiropractic, they helped me fix my neck and shoulder problems.
- Cynthia C
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Sadei D.
We know and appreciate that the Family Care staff is nice & comforting.
- Sadei D
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