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If you've ever suffered from a severe headache, you know they can make a person weak or feeble.

Our office has had success in relieving headaches of several varieties including:
 •  Migranes
 •  Tension
 •  Cluster

Most people don't know that the head is supplied by nerves from the neck and that the muscles of the neck attach up into the back of the skull.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to reduce neck stiffness and tension thereby relieving headaches. Please contact or visit our office when you feel the headaches you have are unbearable.
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Steve H.
At Family Care Chiropractic, you can feel better and relax.
- Steve H
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Cynthia C.
At Family Care Chiropractic, they helped me fix my neck and shoulder problems.
- Cynthia C
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Sadei D.
We know and appreciate that the Family Care staff is nice & comforting.
- Sadei D
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Aldo M.
Since I have been coming to Family Care Chiropractic, my health has improved in many ways.
- Aldo M
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