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Car Accident
Car accidents can cause a lot of pain and permanent injury.

Emergency Room evaluations usually only look for fractures, dislocations, and life threatening injuries. X-rays taken while lying down reveal very little about the positioning of the spine.

X-rays at FCC are taken with the patient standing to evaluate true positioning of the vertebra and disc spacing. Left untreated, this can result in further damage to the neck and lifelong injury.

Car Accident image
During an auto accident the head is thrown forward and back or side to side - damaging muscles, ligaments, discs, & nerves. It is common to see the entire neck knocked into a poor position.

Shoulder, mid-back, low back and hips can also be thrown out of alignment. A complete examination is needed to assess and treat these injuries. Orthopedic, Neurology, & Radiology exams are provided for complete examinations.

MRI's are often ordered to complete the exams. If necessary, we work directly with Neurologists, Orthopedists, and Pain Doctors.
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Aldo M.
Since I have been coming to Family Care Chiropractic, my health has improved in many ways.
- Aldo M
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Sadei D.
We know and appreciate that the Family Care staff is nice & comforting.
- Sadei D
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Steve H.
At Family Care Chiropractic, you can feel better and relax.
- Steve H
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Cynthia C.
At Family Care Chiropractic, they helped me fix my neck and shoulder problems.
- Cynthia C
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